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Saturday, February 2, 2013

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Final weigh in!

Can't believe 24 days have past! This has been such an amazing journey and am excited to see how the rest of my peeps finish up.


* I had an a-ha moment today... My mind was trying to play games on me and I wasn't having it! I was thinking after my weigh in what can I eat to reward myself for all this hard work and there is when the moment came. I have to stop thinking as food as a reward. I have come a long way mentally and physically and I'm thankful for the mental focus Advocare has given me. So, my reward is to continue taking care of my body and to continue eating healthy! So instead of food I'm going to get a massage :).

Ok... I've kept you waiting long enough! Here's my results:

Starting weight (can't believe I'm sharing this!) 150

Final weight 139.4! (Thats right!)

* a total % of 7.07% weight loss!

Spark it up!

~ L ~

P.s. Challenging you today to not let your mind win. This is about the health of your body not your weight! ~Lalania